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From Richard Patey, Founder Reasonably Digital

Most charity websites make it far too hard for people to support them. 

I've spent a decade in the charity sector and a decade in online marketing and have tested every element of a website to improve conversions.

The primary purpose of your charity website should be to build your subscriber base by capturing emails and asking people to donate.

You need to have a ‘Donate’ call to action on every page that makes it easy for people to donate, if they decide to do so, otherwise you are missing out on income. 

We setup up lead capture elements on your charity website in order to capture up to 30x more email subscribers from existing traffic to convert into donors

What would doubling your online fundraising for for you charity and your beneficiaries?

Let us upgrade your charity website to capture more subscribers & donations from existing traffic for FREE!

What We Do

Top Call To Action Bar

Direct every visitor to the most important page on your site - the ability to donate to your cause

Slide Up Email Offer

Offer a 'lead magnet' in exchange for someone's email so you can nurture subcribers into supporters

Smart Exit Pop

Convert your bounce traffic into donors by displaying an optin form just when they are about to leave


What Our Charity Customers Say

 "Reasonably Digital upgraded our website and enabled us to capture double the amount of online donations than previously."

Suzi Heybourne, The Magdalene Group

"Reasonably Digital enabled us to capture more email subscribers to better promote our charity."

John Hales, St Martin Housing Trust 

"With a background in the third/ social enterprise sector Richard immediately got our business and understood the importance of authenticity, which I believe is reflected in WEETU’s new site. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Richard and his work."

Lucy Hogg, Women's Enterprise Charity

Reasonably Digital (a business of Profit Is Good Ltd) - Norwich, UK