What’s your most valuable page?

Not all pages are equal.

Do you know which pages get the most traffic? What about which convert the most, whether that’s products or email opt-ins? The answer lies in your analytics and there’s a good guide by Derek Halpern on how to find this data in Google Analytics.

A good SEO company will not just send all keywords to the homepage; rather they will look at how existing pages are performing in terms of the SERP and will then bolster these pages through SEO services.

If you don’t already have a dedicated sales page set up, it’s time to turn your highest traffic page into your highest converting by adding new content to promote products, by placing email opt-in buttons in strategic places or through internal linking to product / action pages.

We recommend creating a dedicated squeeze page in order to persuade a visitor (through an opt-in bribe mentioned in our previous post) to take a single action with as little distraction as possible. What makes a squeeze page different to a more regular landing page is the absence of clutter that does not support the goal of obtaining an email address. You need to remove the site’s default header and sidebar as well as making sure there are no external links on the page that can take people away from this single action / goal.

And as legendary internet marketer Clay Collins from LeadPages has discovered, ‘one of the quickest things you can do to double or triple your opt-in conversion rate is to not show the opt-in box immediately‘. Encouraging people to take the first action, even in just a two step process, increases their amount of psychological buy in into the process.

Not all metrics are equal

What metrics are your SEO company monitoring and reporting on? Pageviews? As CRO expert Blair Keen states in his post ‘Top 3 metrics every small business should measure (but probably don’t)‘your website is there to make you money. That means it’s important to measure the things that matter‘ such as site goals to work out your conversion rate. You need to ensure that your SEO agency reports on the benefits of the increase in traffic they are bringing in.

Also a good SEO company should not solely focus on landing pages in terms of creating the best ROI for your business. Equally important are the exit pages that people are leaving your site via and identifying which pages need work in order to move visitors through the conversion funnel.

Why single post pages matter

You will probably have heard from your SEO company that it’s important to keep a regular blog on your business site in order to create ‘fresh content’ but you may not have been told why. When you look in google analytics you will see that most of your traffic comes from your single blog post pages via search engines or by having your content shared on social media. These posts are the way that you first introduce people to your business and products and therefore it’s critical to capture their attention and email address (to start building a one-on-one dialogue) before they move elsewhere – a process that Derek Halpern calls ‘converting visitors into loyal visitors‘.

Every page on your site should have a purpose and this goal needs to be as clear and actionable as possible to your visitors. Paying for SEO services that do not take this into account is effectively a waste of money.